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Process & Solutions

So, how does all this work?

Creating a website for your business is a significant investment and should not be undertaken lightly. As with many things, proper planning and a strong foundation will prevent wasting both time and money.

It is essential that the website we build together is the one you and your audience needs. There are different solutions for different needs. The one thing that is common is discovering what you and your audience needs. Whether it’s to find your location to purchasing your product.



All web development projects we work on begin with a discovery process, whether it is a new web presence or a revamp of an existing one.

This is where we look at your existing site, question you on what you feel needs improvement, take a look at what your competitors are doing, what your users are or have said about your site, and define specifically the project stakeholders, goals, and expectations. All of this will enable everyone involved in the project to get a clear picture of the scope. Scope includes the solutions needed, features and functionalities required, the costs and timelines.

This sounds like a lot of work before the actual building of the website, but it is what makes the rest of the work go more smoothly. Ideas, challenges, and issues are identified in the beginning, providing more accurate cost estimates and avoiding most cost overruns.

Website development is always flexible by its nature, but keeping the risks of significant changes to a minimum helps keep a project on time and within the budget.

Website Development Pricing

Every project is unique, has it’s own technical needs, and we understand that some budgets are smaller than others.

All of our pricing considers your budget to your wish list. Focusing on creating your website that you and your audience will need.

Website Service Care Plans

Once your website is built and launched, the servicing of your website begins. Technology is constantly changing, security needs to be beefed up, or your content may need updating. Some clients feel they are up to the task to keep up with these changes. That’s okay. If you want to take on that challenge, it’s up to you.

However, would you rather spend time on your business? Or updating your website? Your time is valuable, why spend hours sweating over code? Or trying to figure out how to swap out an image, only to realize you forgot to optimize it and have to start over? Instead, you can hire us to take care of it for you, freeing you up to run and build your business.

Care Plans are discussed with you from our very first meeting. Pricing is based on the size and scope of your website. An ecommerce store, for example, will need a higher level of servicing to make sure that the security and technology is maintained and optimized to keep your store up and running smoothly. As compared to a landing page or a brochure site which could get away with once a month checks and updates.

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